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First time calligraphy
Do you know traditional Japanese art, "shodo," or calligraphy, which has recently been reappraised?
Will it be your first time to use a Japanese brush? Aren't you familiar with Japanese characters, Hiragana and Kanji? Please don't worry. You can enjoy calligraphy freely just like drawing pictures.
Living this era of text messages, you can reconsider beauty of handwriting.
Please take your own art works (a fan, etc.) with you.
February 10 , 2012
Let's make stylish "eco-bags" with newspaper!
Let's make stylish eco-friendly bags with newspaper you've read!
Why not change valuable resources into cool fashion bags? You can create your own, one-of-a-kind original eco bags making the good use of articles and nice photographs in newspaper, which are perfect as wine or other gift bags. Your friends will be delighted to get one!
Octorber 14 , 2011
We'll hold a "hand made miso class.
Let’s make your specialty “miso”, soybean paste!
Why not make your own miso, one of traditional Japanese foodstuffs, which is now high in favor among people all over the world who are interested in gourmet food or healthy diet such as macrobiotics, etc.
We will use soybeans, salt and “Koji” malt for its ingredient to make your own special miso!!
Desember 24 , 2010
Desember 24 , 2010