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Learning Japanese

Survival Japanese Course (3hours,10hours)

In 10 hours, you can acquire words and expressions necessary for daily situations such as greetings, asking ways, restaurant, shopping, etc.
You’ll be introduced to the characteristics of Japanese culture.

You can get around by yourself after finishing this 10-hour course!

Greetings[You can exchange greetings in Japanese.]
Days of the week (e.g., See you Tuesday : jaa mata Ka-yoobi)
Self introduction[You can introduce yourself, your family members, etc.
 and exchange business cards.]
In everyday and business style.
Shopping[You can handle shopping transactions by yourself.]
Counting money
This, that, that one over there
Telling time
Restaurant[You can order food and drinks and enjoy your meal!]
Table manners in Japan
Ordering in a restaurant
Numbers (Japanese system: hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu, etc.)
Practical expressions in a restaurant
Taxi[You can give directions for taxi drivers]
Place name, destination
Kanji signs (North exit, East exit, FULL, SLOW, One way, NO PARKING, etc.)
Telephone[You can make a reservation for restaurants, order pizza, etc.!]
Making reservations on the phone
Days of the month
Ice breakers[ Why not learn handy expressions for daily life and use them
 right away!?]
sugoi desu(It’s great!)
shinji rarenai desu(I can’t believe.)