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Language Course

Standard Japanese Courses: Acquire Japanese skill steadily and thoroughly

Culture & Communication Course

Customized course

We will design your original course according to your needs, objectives, schedule, and so on.

Survival Course (3hours, 10hours)

Starting with greetings, you will acquire essential words and expressions necessary for various daily situations such as shopping, restaurants, etc. You will be introduced to features of Japanese culture.

Key Grammar Course (10hrs)

You will master the essence of basic grammar in 10 hours.

Focus Course (1hr〜)

Kanji course, reading the newspaper, preparing for business presentations, reading Japanese comic books, etc.
We will work intensively on any area you request!

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Course

We will make your original curriculum for success based on assessment tests and will work intensively on your weak points.

Course for Short Stay Visitors

For those who will stay in Japan for a short time on vacation or on business.
We’ll arrange your course from 30 minutes!

Beginner Course

Acquire basic sentence structure and essential vocabulary for daily communication.

Intermediate Course

Review essential grammatical expressions and vocabulary through "Topic Syllabus" and build upon it with further grammatical expressions and vocabulary.

Advanced course

Acquire conversation skills with sufficient accuracy, clarity and precision to convey intended message both in formal and informal setting.

Japanese Business Protocol Course (3hrs)

3-hour crash course to learn Japanese business manners and key elements of Japanese business style.

Getting to know Japan course (2hrs)

We will introduce you to important manners, daily customs, annual events in Japan and the Japanese way of thinking as well as necessary information for living in Japan.

May I help you Course

You will be provided with necessary information for living in Japan.
We will come to your residence and show you around your neighborhood.