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Learning Japanese

Intermediate Course

Intermediate 1 (A,B)[Further enhancement of conversation skills]
●Review essential grammatical expressions by showing students the context in
 which they are used.
●Acquire more vocabulary, new expressions and Kanji necessary for each
 student's needs.
●Reading longer written passages.
Intermediate 2 (A,B)[Acquire effective communication strategy]
●Emphasis is placed on teaching students how to express their real intension
 and emotion in conversation.
●Deepen understanding to Japanese culture and tradition.
High Intermediate (A,B)[Build up vocabulary and acquire high-level
 narration and description skills]
●Speaking training: Be able to narrate and describe things and situations in
 a sequence of paragraphs.
 Be able to handle more varied topics with appropriate words and expressions.
●Reading training: Newspaper and magazine columns, business letters and e-mails.