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May I help you Course

We will provide you with some information necessary for living in Japan.
We are going to offer you a quick tour of your area and assist you in eliminating any anxieties you may have about your new life here.
The following courses will help you settle in and have a wonderful time in Japan!

◆Neighborhood Tour
First of all, let us show you around your area.
We will give you a quick tour of banks, post offices, super markets, convenience stores, laundry, etc. and we will show you how to use them.
We can provide you with a map of your area, subway/train maps, timetables, etc.
In addition, we will give you information about children’s education, schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, parks, etc. in your community.
◆Public Transportation
We will go with you to the train station or the bus stop near you, and show you how to buy a ticket and to get on a train or bus, how to use “Suica”, “Pass-net”, or “Bus Card”, and to pass through the ticket gates, etc.
Shall we try buying a ticket and getting on a train? Let’s also learn the minimal phrases necessary to take on a taxi.
◆Everyday life
Are you puzzled by instructions in “kanji” on Japanese home appliances?
Let’s learn how to use electrical appliances, intercoms, telephones, facsimilse, etc.
Also, we can show you how to withdraw money from an ATM.