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Learning Japanese

Beginners’ Course

Elementary 1 (A,B)[Handle minimal daily conversation]
●Acquire basics of pronunciation, elementary grammar and essential vocabulary
●Speaking and dealing with different situations in daily life.
 Hold simple conversations with colleagues, staff members at the office and friends.
Elementary 2 (A,B)[Initiate conversations]
●Improving the skill to communicate and interact with Japanese people such as
 colleagues, friends and neighbors, and deal with daily situations more efficiently.
    ●For this purpose:
  • ・Build up sentence patterns to deal with various functions.
  • ・Build up vocabulary.
Pre-intermediate 1 (A,B)[Participate in conversations more actively]
●Acquire more natural and effective communication skills.
●Use formal and informal expressions appropriate to the situations.
●Raise awareness of Japanese social customs.
●Enhance Japanese business skills.
●Enhance reading skills.