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Japanese Business Protocol Course

Although Japan addresses rapid globalization,
it still maintains peculiar culture.

    When people with various cultural background work in Japan, they need to:
  • ・Get to know essential business manners in Japan.
  • ・Deepen understanding of cultural gap they may often feel in business.
  • ・Learn essential phrases they use in business scenes.
  • 3-hour crash course to learn essential point to hold smooth business communication in Japan.
◆Part 1 Business Etiquette Training:
●Greetings and self-introduction
●Visiting and having visitors
●Business meal
●Telephone conversations
●Ceremonial functions
◆Part 2 Cross Cultural Communication Course:
●Harmony among people “Wa”
    ●Language- verbal and non verbal communication
  • ・communication style
  • ・definition of a lie
  • ・definition of an apology
●Decision making process
●Socialization after hours